Texture Folders V2.0|Blender纹理材质贴图整理管理插件

Texture Folders

您是否厌倦了在您可能不记得的文件夹中查找纹理?每次必须重用该纹理时都必须重新创建PBR着色器并一一链接所有纹理怎么样?好吧,Texture Folders插件这就是解决方案,一键设置 pbr,让所有纹理都在一个位置。

Are you tired of having to look for your textures in folders you probably don’t remember? How about having to recreating your PBR shaders, and link all the textures one by one every time you have to reuse that texture? Well this is the solution, one click pbr setup, all your textures in one location

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