Eevee Glass Shader + 使用教程|Blender三维真实玻璃材质着色器插件

Eevee Glass Shader

大多数玻璃在 Eevee 中渲染效果不佳的原因是它无法处理多层折射。您只会看到正面,而其后面的任何其他折射物体都是不可见的。 CGC Eevee Glass 着色器并不能解决这个基本问题,但它通过让您更好地控制对象的哪些部分是折射的或只是透明的,巧妙地掩饰了它。结果是玻璃更加真实可信!提供直接打开使用的blender格式文件

The reason most glass doesn’t render well in Eevee is that it can’t handle multiple layers of refraction. You’ll only see the front faces and any other refractive objects behind it will be invisible. The CGC Eevee Glass shader doesn’t fix that fundamental issue, but it does cleverly disguise it by giving you more control over which parts of your object are refractive or simply transparent. The result is glass that is much more believable!

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