Introduction to Trapcode Particular

Digital Tutors 出品的一套Trapcode Particular 粒子插件训练教程

Digital Tutors – Introduction to Trapcode Particular in After Effects

我们将在教程中学习一系列 Trapcode Particular粒子绚丽的效果,




In this After Effects tutorial, we’ll be exploring some really awesome things you can do with Trapcode Particular in After Effects.

We’ll start by referencing our effect presets and learning how the plugin works by actually pulling apart a few of the effects. Next, we’ll build our own firework effect and take advantage of the auxiliary system in Particular to create some great looking streaks.

Once we’re finished we’ll learn how we can use our own graphic to create a custom particle. We’ll also take advantage of the ability interact with a 3D camera by moving through the particles. And finally, we’ll create the illusion of an object being vaporized into thin air by replacing the layer with particles and causing them to disperse.

This After Effects training goes over many aspects of Particular and by the end, you’ll have a great understanding of how you can integrate this particle system into your next project.

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