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Professional Editing Software


新版的DaVinci Resolve达芬奇软件加入剪辑功能(它本身为调色软件),使得达芬奇的操控性能加的全面,

对于很多人来说视频剪辑是非编剪辑软件的工作,如:Avid, Adobe Premiere , Final Cut Pro,VEGAS,EDIUS等,



本课程由udemy免费提供,高清视频教程,英语对白,无中文字幕,使用软件::DaVinci Resolve


Video production is a great opportunity, the cameras and equipment have never been more sophisticated or more affordable.

But for many, the last obstacle to break into video production is access to professional editing software. Not everyone getting started can afford to pay for expensive high end editing software like Avid, Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

If that sounds like you then you’re going to love this … DaVinci Resolve!

DaVinci Resolve was once an EXTREMELY exclusive and expensive piece of editing and color grading software used only in very large-budget hollywood movies. But they’ve recently pivoted their strategy and now anyone can download and use Resolve for FREE.

Professional high end video software that you can use now for FREE.

In this course I’ll teach you how to edit in DaVinci Resolve. With multi-track editing, audio mixing video stabilization, transitions, titles, a world class color grading system and more. You will also learn how to make your footage REALLY shine with very in depth color-grading training from expert Davinci Resolve Colorist, Logan Bean. This course coupled with the free download of Resolve will give you everything you need to edit a high quality video or film!

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