Train Simple-Premiere Pro CC Fundamentals|PR CC 剪辑软件全面培训教程

Premiere Pro CC Fundamentals

Train Simple教程介绍

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 是一款卓越的视频剪辑软件,这期教程将讲解PR软件的一些使用方法和功能,




Adobe Premiere Pro CC Fundamentals is a course designed to get you up to speed with Premiere’s major editing features so you can start cutting you own projects. In this course we’ll review how to create new projects, import media, and build sequences. Along the way, you’ll learn about key editing techniques like 3-point editing, performing insert edits, and slip edits. We’ll wrap up the course by looking at transitions, titles, and output.

1. Getting Started with Premiere Pro 介绍软件

2. Importing Media  导入素材

3. Editing Basics   基础编辑

4. Editing Techniques  高级编辑

5. Mastering the Timeline  时间线讲解

6. Working with Stills and Transitions  添加转场

7. Adding Titles and Exporting 添加字幕和输出


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