Videohive-Swatcher Script for After Effects|AE颜色选取配色脚本完美版+教程

Swatcher Script

Swatcher Script脚本介绍

Videohive 网站上分享的一款颜色选取配色脚本 Videohive Swatcher Script for Adobe After Effects,

可以在 Dribble,colourlovers,kuler 等网站选取搭配好的颜色,




Swatcher is a script for Adobe After Effects, loading color palettes from several services like the Dribbble(Full list you can find below).
You can also open a color palettes from files and keep it in your own swatch library.
What’s more, Swatcher allows easy colorize your compositions in a very convenient way.
Colorizer function finds each color in your selected layers, such as Solid Layers, Text and Shape Layers.
The Shape layers choosing for colorize each fills and strokes inside content parameter.
In the colorizer you can control each color on your scene



  • 可以从下面网站取配色:
    • (ONLY MAC OS X)


  • Opening palettes from a file. Supported an .ase or .aco file formats
  • Editing: controlling the brightness, removing and sorting colors in a the Color swatch field.
  • Creating a dynamically main swatch in the composition and binding all colors to it.
  • Replacing all current assigned colors in the composition new palettes by one click.
  • Working with Swatch Library, where you can keep your own palettes.
  • Colorizer function, dynamically changing all colors of each selected layers, such as Text layers, Solid with Ramp or Fill effects and shape lay



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