Tutsplus Introduction to Motion Tracking|AE三维跟踪合成全解教程

Tutsplus Introduction to Motion Tracking

Tutsplus Introduction to Motion Tracking教程介绍



然后还结合 Mocha 和 Cinema 4D 软件,在实拍场景中添加了2D和3D文字,效果都比较逼真,

教程共 7 个章节,1.27G ,英文对白,无中文字幕。


Motion tracking is an essential part of visual effects and CG work, but it is also a really valuable tool to have for more simplistic applications. In this course you’ll learn a number of different uses and applications for motion tracking, and how to use motion tracking tools built-in to Adobe After Effects, and third-party trackers like Mocha AE.

With these tools we will be able to clean up portions of our scene, add text to just about anything, and pull off some more advanced tracks.


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