Using the 3D Camera Tracker and Intergrating Graphics

Digital Tutors教程介绍

利用AE内置的 3D camera tracker 摄像机跟踪插件,在真实画面中模拟合成出虚拟地图路线,


教程为高清视频教程 1.5G(含工程素材),英语对白,无中文字幕


Digital Tutors – Using the 3D Camera Tracker and Intergrating Graphics in After Effects

In this series of tutorials, we’ll learn how to use After Effects’ 3D Camera Tracker and how to integrate assets into the shot. We’ll be doing an augmented reality style project to learn these techniques.While the graphics have more of a 2.5D feel, they are totally integrated into the 3D space of the original shot. To be able to achieve this look we must learn which settings we need for the 3D camera tracker and then how to use it to create a camera and null objects. We then learn how we can take simple 2D graphics which are switched on to 3D, to be placed into the scene all while following the depth of the shot. We learn the value of nested compositions and the role that collapse transformations plays as well as a few techniques for working with and animating strokes in After Effects.
By the end of this tutorial you’ll know how to solve a shot in 3D as well as integrate graphics into the scene.


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