Lynda-Compressor 4.1 Essential Training|苹果视频编辑批输出软件Compressor 4.1全面教程合集

Compressor 4.1 Essential Training


Compressor 4.1 主要是为 Final Cut Pro X 导出增添了功能和灵活性。自定了输出设置,采用分布式编码,工作更快,同时接进了一套全面的传送功能。

但是这个软件的操作使用不是每一个人都非常熟悉,Lynda机构因此出了全面的操作使用教程  Lynda – Compressor 4.1 Essential Training,




Discover how to compress video and get it ready for publishing in Compressor, and learn about key compression concepts, from transcoding to codec types. In this course, author Jeff Greenberg explores the batch template and auto-detection features in Compressor. He also teaches you how to determine the correct compression settings for any job, including how to compress video for DVDs and Blu-ray, the iPhone, PowerPoint, and web destinations like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. Plus, learn how to use the new droplets to speed up any workflow.



* Understanding data rates   了解码率
* Reviewing the compression settings  压缩设置
* Building a DVD   建立DVD
* Publishing with the YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo presets   压制网络视频格式
* Examining the HTTP streaming settings   检查网络流媒体设置
* Podcasting with Compressor   播放和压缩
* Reducing noise 去噪音
* Adding watermarks to your video   给视频添加水印
* Automating jobs  自动设置
* Building a droplet   建立预设

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