Learn Animation with Blender 2021|Blender教程|学习制作三维动画场景(英文字幕)


In this course, I will go through the process of creating an animated scene in Blender from scratch. From the first step to the final render. In this curse, we will using blender 3.0. You’ll learn all the steps involved in bringing your own 3D animations to life.We’ll start with the Blender user interface and navigation tools, providing you with a solid foundation before moving forward.

在本课程中,将从头开始在Blender中创建动画场景的过程。 从第一步到最终渲染:认识界面UI界面、三维建模、展UV、材质贴图、动画制作、灯光、渲染合成等。您将学习将您自己的3D动画变为现实所涉及的所有步骤。

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