Erindale Toolkit V3.1.2|Blender高级几何节点多功能工具组插件

Erindale Toolkit

该工具组包含为几何节点工作流创建的更高级工具。对于v0.1,工具包的主要重点是相机剔除和 LOD 工具。从v0.2开始,还可以通过程序生成点,因此有很多新节点可以提供高级数组和实例化。

The Toolkit contains more advanced tools created for Geometry Nodes workflows. For v0.1, the primary focus of the Toolkit was on camera culling and LOD tools. Since v0.2 we can also generate points procedurally so there are a lot of new nodes to provide advanced arrays and instancing.



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