Zaxwerks 3D Warps 2.0.1+教程|AE三维变形扭曲插件

Zaxwerks 3D Warps

Zaxwerks 3D Warps插件介绍

Zaxwerks 3D Warps 包含两款效果:三维网格扭曲 3D Grid Warp和三维图层扭曲 3D Layer Warp

3D Layer Warp三维图层扭曲 :可以在AE中让任意图层扭曲变形,可添加任意位移贴图的尺寸

3D Grid Warp三维网格扭曲:提供了相同的网格变形控制和网格生成器。选择你的网格样式并设定

插件拥有 先进的材质、灯光照明和摄像机控制,允许您轻松地创建戏剧性的场景。









Adobe After Effects CS4 – CC 2014

The 3D Warps package contains two powerful plug-ins: 3D Layer Warp and 3D Grid Warp.

3D Layer Warp lets you take existing AE layers and deform them in many ways. Twist them along any axis. Bend a layer around itself. Add arbitrary dimension with a displacement map.

3D Grid Warp provides the same warping controls as 3D Layer Warp in addition to a crisp grid generator. Select your grid style and set your line colors. Animate the lines and the warping parameters to create fantastic backgrounds for your motion graphics.

Advanced material, lighting, and camera controls allow you to create dramatic scenes with ease.

  • Add a true third dimension to your flat artwork
  • Generate colorful grids in multiple styles
  • Do page curls, water ripples, and wrapping spheres
  • Combine warps to build infinite contours
  • Animate the settings to create moving shapes
  • Integrate your warped shapes into your After Effects scene

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