GenArts Sapphire v8.1.1|Ae/Pr蓝宝石插件一键安装版

GenArts Sapphire v8.1.2 for OFX+注册机|蓝宝石特效插件

GenArts Sapphire插件介绍

大名鼎鼎的AE/PR外置 GenArts 蓝宝石插件




现在更新到最新版本的蓝宝石插件 GenArts Sapphire v8.11 ,支持 Adobe CC 2014.

插件支持Win系统下 AE + PR CS6 – CC2014,CC 2015


新版 GenArts Sapphire v8介绍:


新加入的效果:LightLeak (炫光插件),Grunge(纹理插件),Shake(抖动插件), DigitalDamage(信号故障插件), Crosshatch(线条素描)


 GenArts Sapphire v8.1.1 新功能:

增加支持新版 AE CC 2015软件





Sapphire Adjust

Sapphire Blur+Sharpen

Sapphire Builder

Sapphire Composite

Sapphire Distort

Sapphire Lighting

Sapphire Render

Sapphire Stylize

Sapphire Time

Sapphire Transitions

After updating to this release, S_Effect instances containing Beauty, LightLeak, Grunge, or others may have a color parameter reset.
– Fixed a bug in S_Effect that could corrupt AE projects on some machines.
– Reduced intensity of some Swish3D presets to speed up renders and avoid Windows GPU driver issues.
– Builder: fixed a bug where saved presets sometimes did not show up in the Preset Browser.
– Fixed license activation problems on Mac.
– VintageColor2Strip: improved results when Red Filter or Bluegreen Filter is set to black.
– Fixed a memory leak in Builder.
– FlickerMchMatteColor: fixed Set Hold Level button for certain types of match inputs.
– GradientMulti now handles pixel aspect ratio correctly.
– BleachBypass: Fixed incorrect renders when GrainAmpRed was set to zero.
– Caustics: fixed artifacts at the edge of the image when using a custom Bumps pattern

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