Curious Animal|C4D运动图形插件集合

Curious Animal

Curious Animal插件介绍

这套插件包括了 Curious Animal 网站的所有插件,

其中的Noise Falloff 插件可以为MoGraph效果器添加噪波类型的衰减,

插件支持 Cinema4D R13-R16 版本软件。


Curious Animal Limited does design, animation and coding, and is run by Dan Fitzgerald.
Dan’s a working designer and animator. He uses code to make more things possible, as well as to make boring stuff easier so he can focus more on the creative things. Some of that will make its way onto this site, as plugins and Python scripts for Cinema 4D.



CA Attach Falloff To Null

CA Boole Falloff v1.01

CA Deformer Pack v1.37

CA Mega Deformer Pack v1.05

CA Noise Falloff v1.00

CA Super Source Falloff v1.10


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