Remotion4D SuperVoxels for Cinema 4D|C4D超级像素体积化插件

Remotion4D SuperVoxels

Remotion4D SuperVoxels插件介绍

C4D插件:超级像素体积化插件 Remotion4D SuperVoxels for Cinema 4D


可以将多边形、样条线、粒子等快速填充为立方体或其他形状,渲染速度非常快,类似于Tools4D Voxygen插件。

插件支持WIN和MAC系统下 C4D R14-R16


SuperVoxels is plugin for Maxon Cinema4D R14 and R15,R16

It is multi threaded voxel generator, processing tools for C4D.
It also voxel cloner, tetraeder generator, TP generator, Iso Surface Polygonizer, CSG, even voxel Boolean and more…
Internally it is using powerful OpenVDB library.
Following OS are supported: Windows Vista, 7, 8. OS X 10.7 and 10.8.

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