Color Correction

Color Correction教程介绍


你将探索 Premiere Pro 强大的新 lumetri 色彩效果面板,允许你简单快速的进行基本的色彩修正,如改善色彩平衡,对比度,和您的图像的动态范围。


学习如何运用 LUTS–查找表–快速与相机匹配图像素材,如Blackmagic,Red,佳能,尼康,拍摄工作,和GoPro。




In this training we’ll take the mystery out of reading video scopes to better judge and correct your images. You’ll explore Premiere Pro’s powerful new Lumetri Color Effects panel which allows you to quickly and easily perform basic corrections such as improving color balance, contrast, and the dynamic range of your images.

You’ll learn how to use Curves to fine-tune contrast and adjust specific colors using the powerful and intuitive Hue/Saturation wheel. You’ll learn how to use masks to isolate your corrections to specific parts of an image and then use Premiere’s tracker to automate the traditionally painstaking process of having these corrections follow subjects when they move during a shot.

This course will teach you how to mix Premiere’s Legacy color effects with the new Lumetri Color Effect to relight and further enhance your images.  You’ll learn how to apply and work with LUTs – LookUp Tables – to quickly balance intentionally flat images that were shot with cameras such as Blackmagic, Red, Canon, Nikon,and GoPro.  And finally, this training explores the best workflows for using Premiere’s native Looks, and creating and saving your own Looks.


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