依然由Train Simple机构出品的一套全面训练教程,

Prelude CC 2014 初剪软件全面培训教程 Train Simple – Prelude CC Fundamentals

Prelude CC 软件拥有卓越的性能、完整的用户界面以及很多创意功能等,

用于稳定素材 Warp Stabilizer、素材裁剪、其他编辑、调整图层等,简单说Prelude是一款视频粗剪软件,能够做剪辑前的准备工作。

本期教程将详细的介绍 Prelude 软件,以及如何正确使用这款软件,


Adobe Prelude, is an application for ingesting and organizing media for post-production. In this course we’ll introduce you to what Prelude is and how it works by reviewing how to ingest footage, transcode media to a variety of different file formats, assemble assets, and tag clips with metadata. The course also covers how to create rough-cut sequences.



1. Introduction  软件的介绍

2. Working with Footage  编辑视频素材

3. Tagging with Metadata 元数据标签

4. Working with Markers  制作标记

5. Practical Uses of Prelude  软件的实际应用


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