Digital Tutors-Working with Shape Layers in After Effects|AE图形效果动画制作教程

Working with Shape Layers in After Effects

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Digital Tutor s- Working with Shape Layers in After Effects

In this series of tutorials, we will talk about some of the different ways you can create and utilize shapes in After Effects. We will start by going over the basics of using the shape tools to make shape layers and the difference between parametric and Bezier paths. We’ll explore the control we have over polygons and stars that can create an endless possibility of intricate shapes. We’ll talk about using the add menu to create new shapes or add shape attributes to our shape layers. Next we’ll import vector artwork from Illustrator and convert to shapes so that we can utilize the repeater. We’ll tell a story with shape morphing and learn the importance of defining the first vertex. We’ll also get an understanding of the importance of stacking order within our shape layer. Finally, we’ll combine shape attributes to create a particle like effect that is mainly being driven by changing the properties of a stroke.


01. Introduction and project overview
02. Shape layer fundamentals
03. Telling a story with shapes
04. Creating a car and capitol with shape tools
05. Finishing the assets for our story
06. Animating our story
07. Continuing our story animation
08. Animating the capitol asset into the fork
09. Continuing our story with the fork and phone
10. Converting vector layers to shape layers
11. Creating a particle effect with shapes
12. Adding details to our particle effect
13. Creating an environment for our comet


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