Digital Tutors-All Things Text in After Effects|AE文字工具详解教程

All Things Text in After Effects

All Things Text in After Effects教程介绍





After we’ve covered the basics, we move down to the properties on the text layers. There are a few options that are totally unique to text layers as well as a few additions in the context menus that will speed up your workflow. For instance, we learn how to edit a Photoshop text layer right inside of After Effects, complete with translated layer styles. We also go over a few techniques for overcoming readability issues and some tips for creative ways to fix common problems. We learn how to preview animation presets, and finish by learning per-character animation with both Classic 3D and Ray-traced 3D.

This tutorial is full of all the possibilities for your text in After Effects. It’s perfect for a beginner just starting out learning the type tools or for someone more seasoned looking to increase their knowledge about all things text in After Effects.



  1. Introduction and project overview
  2. Getting started with Type tools
  3. Navigating the Character panel
  4. Navigating the Paragraph panel
  5. Animating using the Source Text option
  6. Path and more options for type
  7. Text conversions and mattes
  8. Text readability: Do’s and Don’ts
  9. Using and previewing text animation presets
  10. Using the text animate menu
  11. Understanding the two types of 3D text
  12. Per-character animation with two types of 3D


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