Digital Tutors-Getting Started with the Puppet Tool|AE教程:木偶图钉变形工具应用

Digital Tutors

Getting Started with the Puppet Tool教材介绍

Digital Tutors 出品的AE教程 Getting Started with the Puppet Tool in After Effects,



教程共 8 章节,高清视频,含工程文件。


In this series of tutorials, we’ll be getting familiar with the puppet tool and the ways you can create great animations by deforming layers in your composition.

We’ll start by creating pins with the puppet pin tool and learn about the relationship between the pins and how they can work as joints or transform the layer.

We’ll talk about how the puppet mesh is created and what we can do to override the tool from auto selecting the alpha of the layer. We’ll configure the triangle count and expansion of the mesh to get the best results for our needs. Then we’ll go over the overlap tool and starch tool to achieve more control over our deformations.

We’ll finish by talking about using vector layers and nested comps with the puppet tool and what happens with continuously rasterize or collapse transformations selected. By the end of this training you should have a better understanding of the puppet tool and be able to start using it to improve you work.



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