Tuts+ Composition Masterclass|AE高级特效合成教程合集

Composition Masterclass




Compositing is the process of combining images or videos together to create a convincingly unified end result. In this course, you’ll master compositing techniques with professional masking tools, advanced blend modes, and more. As you learn, you’ll work through real projects, such as creating a UFO scene.

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Welcome (教程简介)
Introduction To The Compositing Masterclass 2m 2s (教程介绍)
Core Compositing Techniques (主要合成技巧)
Tracking Smoke Into A Shot 8m 36s  烟雾跟踪特效
Blending and Masking 7m 22s  遮罩和混合模式
Corner Pinning 8m 10s   稳定效果
Tracking Planes to Cure Difficult Shots 7m 42s    跟踪效果
The Art of Compositing 10m 32s    合成效果处理
Creative Compositing (创意合成技巧)
Tracking With Multiple Points 8m 40s 多点跟踪效果
Adding 3D Shadows 10m 36s   添加3D阴影
Creating 3D Fog 7m 28s   创建三维烟雾
Adding Sparks and Flashes To Video 7m 48s    添加火花效果
Advanced Stabilization 11m 16s    先进的稳定技术
Advanced Visual Effects Techniques (高级视觉效果)
Seeing Through An Actor’s Skin 8m 40s   面部特效合成
Creating A Reflection 5m 6s     反射效果制作
Manual Tracking 7m 54s   手动跟踪效果
Animating Multiple Layers 10m 48s   多层动画效果合成
Set Extension Part 1 10m 48s      扩展知识1
Set Extension Part 2 10m 42s   扩展知识2
Conclusion (教程总结)

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