Introduction to After Effects for Compositors|AE进阶合集教程数字导师



Digital Tutors(数字导师)出品的一套AE教程合集: Introduction to After Effects for Compositors






教程名字: Introduction to After Effects for Compositors-AE进阶合集教程



软件使用:After Effects CC,

插件使用:Red Giant’s Knoll Light Factory (外置插件须自行安装)




1. Introduction and project overview     教程介绍和概述
2. Navigating the interface         软件节目介绍
3. Importing assets to the Project Panel    项目的建立和导入
4. Working with image sequences versus compressed footage  图像序列的介绍
5. Creating your first composition    合成的创建
6. Adding layers to the timeline and previewing them    图层的介绍
7. Pass compositing       合成设置
8. Setting keyframes and adding effects   添加关键帧动画
9. Creating precompositions     创建预合成
10. Organizing the Project panel   项目的组建
11. Tracking images    图像的跟踪
12. Applying tracking data and parenting    应用跟踪数据
13. Creating a mask       创建遮罩
14. Using an alpha pass   使用阿尔法透明遮罩
15. Difference matting and garbage masking    抠像的讲解
16. Speed masking    快速操作遮罩
17. Blending modes and collapse transformations    图层模式
18. Tracking for parallax    视频跟踪
19. Finishing tracking and applying data for parallax   跟踪操作
20. Color correction    色彩校正
21. Adding reflections   添加倒影
22. Rotoscoping the reflections  倒影对位
23. Troubleshooting with the Project panel      合成错误解决
24. Secondary track for a lens flare   创建镜头光晕
25. Applying a lens flare with After Effects Lens Flare Effect    添加AE的光晕特效
26. Applying a lens flare   使用光晕特效
27. Creating heat distortion with the Liquify effect   液化效果的制作
28. Faking depth of field    场景景深操作
29. Overall depth of field and motion blur   场景的运动模糊
30. Shot color correction     操作色彩校正
31. Filter-flare ghosting, vignettes, astigmatism, and chromatic aberration    调色操作
32. Rendering out an image sequence      渲染图像序列

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