AK第131教程 3D Truck Composite卡车爆炸三维合成|AE教程

3D Truck Composite


In this tutorial we will cover:
» Using built-in 3D Camera tracking in AE CS6 and The Foundry Camera Tracker
» Setup and align the ground plane and adjust 3D coordinates
» Composite 3D object with Element 3D
» Build Matte Shadow object inside Element 3D to “catch” soft shading (ambient occlusion)
» Generate a realistic hard shadow from 3D objects using a simple trick
» Match AE lighting and color correct Truck to match the scene environment
» Breakdown compositing footage from Action Essentials 2 and making 3D debris


使用内置的3D摄像机和 Foundry Camera Tracker在AE CS6中做追踪,

对准地面位置和调整三维坐标 ,

使用 Element 3D 插件来进行三维的合成,


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