Crafting Visual Essays|创意MG图形动画制作视频AE/PS教程

Crafting Visual Essays|创意MG图形动画制作视频AE/PS教程

Crafting Visual Essays|创意MG图形动画制作视频AE/PS教程介绍

教程讨论了从项目的概念发展和过程,一直到每部电影中使用的制作技术的所有内容。这个工作坊提供了一个独特的幕后一瞥,让我们一睹这些关于开创性人物的电影的创作过程:伦纳德·科恩、珍妮尔·莫奈和大卫·阿滕伯勒。在短短 15 周内制作了 3 部近 3 分钟的电影,特别关注做出了哪些决定、原因以及感觉如何。创意概念讲解教程,非详细制作教程。涉及到的软件: After Effects 和 Photoshop .

In this Workshop, award-winning director and founder of Holdframe, Joe Donaldson, talks about the series he created for The New Yorker. We discuss everything from the project’s conceptual development and process, all the way down to the production techniques used in each film. This Workshop offers a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse at what went into creating each of these films on seminal figures: Leonard Cohen, Janelle Monáe, and David Attenborough. Focusing specifically on what decisions were made, why, and what it was like producing 3, nearly 3-minute films, in just 15-weeks.

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