Udemy – Glitch Effects in After Effect and Photoshop|AE/PS制作毛刺故障干扰特效教程

Udemy – Glitch Effects in After Effect and Photoshop|AE/PS制作毛刺故障干扰视觉特效教程

刺故障是视觉和图形设计人员不可或缺的效果,无论是静态的还是运动的,每个优秀的设计师都应了解其秘密。本课程旨在说明Adobe After Effects和Photoshop程序中的主要毛刺效果技术。

完成本课程后,在安德里亚(Andrea)的帮助下,您将有难以置信的机会发现一些秘密,这些秘密将使您的社论变得完美。该课程包括视频讲座,这些视频讲座说明了在Photoshop和After Effects软件中对照片图像进行后期制作的不同技术。

This course aims to teach students the fundamental tools for working professionally on Adobe After Effect and Adobe Photoshop software by creating text animation and an impacting Glitch Effect.

Following this course, with Andrea’s help, you will have the incredible opportunity to discover some of the secrets that will allow you to make your editorials perfect. The course consists of video lectures that illustrate different techniques of post-production of the photographic image in Photoshop and After Effect Software.

The glitch effect are among the indispensable effects for a visual and graphic designer, both static and in motion, every good designer should know its secrets. This course is designed to explain the main glitch effect techniques in Adobe After Effect and Photoshop programs. HOME – https://www.udemy.com/course/glitcheffects-in-aftereffect-and-photoshop/

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