E-cycles RTX/GTX 2.90 v20200729 Win|Blender渲染器

E-Cycles是Blender最快的真实感渲染器。打开即用,您最多可以快2.5倍地进行路径跟踪。E-Cycles的安装与解压缩zip一样容易,并且与Blender / Cycles 100%兼容。立即获取,既省钱又节省大量时间。使用快速配置文件,RTX版本甚至比Cycles的OptiX版本快41倍!

E-Cycles可基于Blender 2.80、2.81、2.82、2.83(包括2.83.2等LTS点发行版)和2.90提供,并在2020年底之前进行更新。


E-Cycles is the fastest photorealistic renderer for Blender. You can get up to 2.5x faster path tracing out of the box. E-Cycles is as easy to install as unpacking a zip and is 100% compatible with Blender/Cycles. Get it now and save both money and a huge amount of time. Using the fast profile, the RTX version is even up to 41x faster than the OptiX version of Cycles!


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