Enrich V2.1.0|Blender以图层方式后期合成调节插件


Enrich是一个为Blender中的视觉和基于图层的合成体验而设计的插件。它最大限度地减少了为每个效果设置节点的麻烦,并让您体验在 Blender 中最快和最具创意的合成方式。Enrich 不是根据节点来考虑添加样式,而是强制您考虑要添加到渲染中的样式。该插件会自动创建一个易于理解的节点树。

Enrich is an add-on designed for a visual and layer-based compositing experience in Blender. It minimizes the trouble of setting up nodes for every effect and allows you to experience the fastest and the most creative way of compositing in Blender. Instead of thinking in terms of the nodes to add a style, Enrich forces you to think about the style that you want to add to your render. The add-on automatically creates a node tree that is easy to understand.


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