Render Manager Addon Renderset V1.70|Blender渲染设置储存管理插件

Render Manager Addon Renderset

Renderset 是一个渲染管理插件,带有渲染上下文的概念,可将各种静止/动画渲染设置存储在一个 .blend 文件中,允许在它们之间快速切换以分别微调每个设置,然后逐个渲染和保存它们。它会记住您的相机设置,允许您批量渲染,并将您的渲染保存到它们的特定文件中。它还可以记住对象可见性,因此您可以快速迭代您的场景!支持Cycles, Eevee, Octane & LuxCore

Renderset is a render management addon coming with a concept of render contexts to store various still/animation render settings in one .blend file allowing to switch between them fast to fine-tune each separately and then also render & save them one by one. It remembers your camera settings, allows you to batch render, and saves your renders into their specific files. It also remembers object visibility, so you can iterate your scenes quickly!


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