BoxCutter + HardOps 00987 Francium 32.2|Blender硬表面三维建模工具插件


Boxcutter旨在成为最快的屏幕3d视图绘图切割器。通过时间和经验来学习和增强了工具,以使工作流程尽可能地人性化地优化用户。提供各种行为来个性化体验,以使事情保持流畅。每天都会对这些工具进行严格的测试,以确保它们不仅可以与当前版本的Blender一起使用,而且还可以与即将发布的Blender的后续版本的构建机器人一起使用。 自Boxcutter诞生之日起,它就一直没有造成破坏(也可自主选择非破坏性或破坏性),但是现在我们将这些功能放在首位。Boxcutter可以确保形状保持活动状态,直到您决定应用它们为止。


Boxcutter was intended to be the fastest on-screen 3d view drawing cutter. Throughout our experiences we have learned and enhanced the tools through time and experience to optimize the workflow to be as fast as humanly possible for users. We offer a variety of behaviors to personalize the experience to keep things running fluidly. Every day these tools are rigorously tested to ensure they not only work with current versions of Blender but the build-bot of upcoming versions of Blender yet to be released.

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