Easy Displacer V1.00|Blender置换凹凸面插件

Easy Displacer

Blender 的 Displacement Modifier 需要大量的点击和鼠标移动才能很快完成,但是有了这个插件,你只需要 1 次点击即可。只需点击几下不超过 3 次,您就可以使用几何体上的置换贴图创建一个几乎不可能或难以雕刻的逼真模型。

Blender’s Displacement Modifier takes alot of clicks and mouse movements to get it done pretty fast, but with this addon all you need is 1 click away with a few clicks not more than 3, you can create a realistic almost impossible or hard to sculpt model using displacement maps on the Geometry


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