Foliage Paint Tool V1.00|Blender路径绘制模型放置插件

Foliage Paint Tool

这是一个简单的复制虚幻引擎树叶工具的工具,用于在对象上绘制对象, 这个插件使用搅拌机的权重绘制来复制虚幻中的工具, 您可以将任何对象散布在任何对象的任何位置,只需在您希望该对象所在的位置绘制部分即可。这个插件非常适合环境、科幻场景,甚至是简单的建模。

This is a simple tool to replicate the unreal engine foliage tool for painting objects on an object, this addon uses blender’s weight paint to replicate the Tool in unreal, you can scatter any object on any object, anywhere, by just drawing the parts where you want that object to be. this addon is good with environments, scifi scenes, and even simple modeling.


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