Shape Key Collections V1.00|Blender形态键整理插件

组织形状键是一场噩梦,因为由于原生 Blender 中缺乏任何此类机制,您无法为它们赋予结构。这是 Shape Key Collections 节省时间并允许完全控制您的 shape 键的地方。B环结构混乱,一个文件夹结构。使用这个新的管理系统,您可以重命名和组织哪些形状键进入哪个文件夹集合,包括子文件夹的好处,以获得您的许多形状键的完整细节。

Organizing shape keys is a nightmare because you just cannot give them structure due to the lack of any such mechanism in native Blender.This is where Shape Key Collections saves the day and allows for full control over your shape keys. Bring structure to the chaos, a folder structure, that is.With this new management system you can rename and organize which shape keys go in which folder collection, including the benefit of subfolders for full detail of your many shape keys.

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