Perspective Plotter v1.0.0|Blender摄像机三维透视匹配工具

Perspective Plotter v1.0.0|Blender摄像机

Match a camera to an image with Perspective Plotter, an interactive Blender add-on for modelers, architects and artists. This is useful for creating 3D models from 2D sketches, matching a 3D scene to a 2D photo, or animating a camera dynamically.

使用 Perspective Plotter 将相机与图像匹配,这是一款适用于建模师、建筑师和艺术家的交互式 Blender 插件。这对于从 2D 草图创建 3D 模型、将 3D 场景与 2D 照片匹配或动态设置相机动画非常有用。

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