Instamat V1.10|Blender快速创建管理编辑模型材质插件

Instamat V1.10|Blender快速创建管理编辑模型材质插件

InstaMat is a pie-menu addon (Shift + F) with 3 main goals: Making it faster, easier and more versatile of:

  1. Editing materials you have in your scene
  2. Managing materials you either have in your scene, or use often
  3. Creating so called ‘Standard Materials’ in the form of ‘InstaMats’ like metal, fabric, wood, glass and plastic. Versatility, detail and performance oriented materials, that can be created with 1 click, that rival the looks of your best PBR materials.

1) 编辑场景中的材质
2) 管理场景中的材质或经常使用的材质
3) 以“InstaMats”的形式创建所谓的“标准材料”,如金属、织物、木材、玻璃和塑料。多功能、细节和性能导向的材料,只需点击一次即可创建,与您最好的PBR材料的外观相媲美。

支持软件 Blender 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93

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