Cineplus Cinema Plugin AE&Pr Win&Mac电影级别调色插件

The Professional Digital to Film Look converter


12 primary and secondary tools in one smart plugin


As pro filmmaker sometimes you dont want to export your work into external color grading suites creating too many steps in the editing workflow.


The CCP does it all in the box and at a highly pro quality.

CCP在盒子里做所有的事情,并以高度的pro – quality。

And it offers great quick start presets for instant satisfaction plus 18 sliders mapped to complex primary and secondary color grading algorithms to fine tune your movies look.


CCP Works with any footage: Red Blackmagic DSLR ENG Prosumer and Consumer cameras.

CCP适用于任何镜头:红色Blackmagic DSLR ENG Prosumer和消费级社保。

Unlike LUTs based engines CCP is highly versatile: You choose your movies look up to the finest detail.

基于ike LUTs的引擎CCP是高度通用的:你选择你的电影看最好的细节。

Adobe Premiere Pro + AE Mac+Win


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