Valley FILTERiT 5.4.0 Win版|Adobe Illustrator多功能创意变形工具套装插件|AI

FILTERiT是Adobe Illustrator的创意变形效果插件套件,具有独特的效果。可以激发您的创造性思维。FILTERiT 5凭借其易于使用的功能,创建从简单到复杂的惊人图像触手可及,可让您在几秒钟内创建简单到复杂的图像,是AI使用者的必备插件。支持Win系统 Adobe Illustrator 2020 或更高版。

The latest version 5 is compatible with CC 2020. FILTERiT is a plug-in suite for Adobe Illustrator which features unique effects. FILTERiT can stimulate your creative mind. This versatile tool lets you create simple to complex images in a matter of seconds. Some effects are simply impossible to make without FILTERiT. With its easy-to-use features, creating astounding images ranging from simple to complex is at your fingertips. Play around with FILTERiT for a while to discover for yourself the variety of features it has to offer. HOME –

FILTERiT 5插件位于“工具”,“效果”,“滤镜”和“窗口”菜单中