DigiEffects-DigiEffects Suite v3.0.0|AE/PR系列视觉特效插件合集一键安装版

DigiEffects Suite

DigiEffects Suite插件介绍

DigiEffects 系列插件也是一家著名的插件提供商,

这次最新版 DigiEffects Suite v3.0.0 对插件重新进行了更新和整理,分类为:Aura(调色/光晕)、Damage(老电影/破坏)、Phenomena(模拟自然现象)、Tweak(微调)


插件适用于 WIN 64位系统下:Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects versions CS6和以上版本


Get all 41 DigiEffects tools. You’ll get access to all four suites including: Aura, Phenomena, Damage, and Tweak.

9 Tools Included In Damage V3: Spread destruction with Damage the industry standard for bad video effects including Artifact, Blockade, Destablize, Interference, Overexpose, Skew, Wave Displace, Channel Offset and Aged Film.

11 Tools Included In Phenomena V3: Forces of nature at your command. Get all 7 tools including: Fire, Smoke, Rainfall, Snowstorm, Fog Factory, Electrical Arcs, Fairy Dust, Bubbles, Fireworks, Muzzle Flash, and Sparks.

11 Tools Included In Aura V3: Emanate a dinstinctive style with Aura. The suite includes: Solarize, Edgex, Colorize, Lightwrap, Glow, Gradient Designer, Grayscaler, Channel Range, Nightbloom, Specular Lighting and Channel Noise.

10 Tools Included In Tweak V3: Fine tune your next project with Tweak. The suite includes: Hyper Harmonizer, Newsprint, Crazy Stripes, Crystallizer, Visual Harmonizer, VanGoughist, Stargate, Nexus, Schematic Grids, and Perspectron.

Compatability: Digieffects plugins are designed for host applications Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects versions CS6 and CC.

Home: http://www.digieffects.com/products/damage-phenomena-tweak-aura

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