Red Giant Universe v1.2.0|红巨人宇宙套装特效插件红巨星插件一键安装版

Red Giant Universe


Red Giant Universe到底是什么?

简单来说,这是为成员提供的一个Red Giant效果和转场集。公司已经提供了50个新的免费插件,均支持GPU加速,均提供Win和Mac版,并且可以用于AE、Premiere Pro、FCP X、Motion等常用软件。加入Universe就可以立即使用这些插件。

一个整合了旗下著名工具和插件的库,可以免费或付费使用。 并且不断扩大特效库(如特效、转场、调色,光效,粒子预设等)


Red Giant Universe users can now access glows, cartoon effects and vintage footage treatments, as well a SplitScreen Blocks and SplitScreen Custom Blocks from CrumplePop. Holomatrix and ToonIt have been given new features and presets. Universe’s plug-in development is community-driven, and so with the update comes the free Compound Blur tool as voted for production in Universe Labs.

Universe 1.2 brings 9 new effects and transitions. Also new are native-style premiere transitions and support for Sony Vegas. Watch this short video to learn more about what’s new in Universe 1.2.

Universe 1.2 brings the entire universe library of effects and transitions to Sony Vegas 12 and 13. Watch this tutorial to see how it works.

Universe 1.2 includes 6 new transitions, including CrumplePop Halflight, Glitch transition, Diamond Wave, ToonIt Transition, Triangle wave, Exposure Blur.

Glitch Effects: An effect that gives your footage the look of compressed, glitched video, corrupt data streams, and low-bandwidth broadcasts.



Universe Noise: Luminance Noise
Universe Blur: Compound Blur (Labs)
Universe Utilities: Color Gamma Conversion
Universe Glow: Glimmer
Universe Stylize: Carousel
Universe Stylize: Holomatrix EZ
Universe CrumplePop: SplitScreen Blocks
Universe CrumplePop: SplitScreen Custom Block
Universe ToonIt: ToonIt Sketch
ToonIt Paint: Add Halftone (P)
ToonIt Outlines: Added Chalk presets (P)
Universe Holomatrix: Added glitching, distortion, flicker and more (P)
Windows 7, 64-bit
Windows 8, 64-bit
After Effects CS5.5, CS 6, CC
Premiere Pro CS6, CC

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