EFX Chromatic Aberration v2.0.0|AE颜色偏移插件+教程

EFX Chromatic Aberration

RGB颜色偏移插件 Aescripts EFX Chromatic Aberration v2.0.0 Win/Mac破解版 + 使用教程

EFX Chromatic Aberration插件可以让我们增加或者去除色彩偏移效果,可以选择RGB三个通道的偏移

  • This plugin lets you apply (or remove) the chromatic aberration effect to a layer.
  • This is a known workflow of separating a comp into Red, Green and  Blue channels, scaling one of them and recombining the channels, wrapped into a single effect.
  • The process of adding chromatic aberration is pretty straight forward if you do it to a single image.
  • If you try adding it to a layer with an alpha channel, that you later want to composite over a background image, you’ll get into some trouble.


  • AE CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6,Win/Mac


  • 拷贝插件到AE安装目录的Plugins


  • 不要用中文版AE,中文版表达式会报错
  • 偏好设置,Edit—Preferences—General面板下,勾选上Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network
  • 脚本不支持你的AE版本(可能性较小)

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