Aescripts QuickDraw|AE脚本文字书写手写字动画 +教程

Aescripts QuickDraw

Aescripts QuickDraw脚本介绍


常用的插件是 画笔,书写,MASK遮罩……

但是现在 Aescripts QuickDraw这个AE脚本能够更快速的制作出书写文字动画。




QuickDraw provides a number of tools to create and manipulate keyframes for individual strokes drawn using the built-in Paint Effect. If you’re handy with a Wacom tablet or even drawing with your mouse, once you’ve traced your source text layer or line drawing QuickDraw makes the animation and timing process a piece of cake.



There is a new release brewing, with an updated interface and a bunch of new features. But why wait until I get the interface finished for V2? The latest version (V1.0.4) includes most of the new features planned for the next major release, including:
◾Faster and more stable method for stroke measurement.
◾Painted layers with expressions and keyframes are managed when creating a parented Track Matte layer.
◾Choose the colour of the generated Track Matte layer.
◾All QuickDraw options are saved to your After Effects preferences.

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