TKActions V7 Panel Win/Mac 中文版|Photoshop亮度蒙版扩展工具插件

TKActions V7 Panel Win/Mac 中文版|Photoshop亮度蒙版扩展工具插件

TKActions V7插件简介

TKActions V7 Panel for Adobe Photoshop 五种语言(含中文)释放的TKActions V5面板已实现了模块化。因此, 现在不是去更新这个巨型面板, 而是个别模块可以得到改进。虽然已对 V5 模块进行了两次小的更新, 但是 RapidMask2 模块是次主要升级。它有效地取代了 V5 的介绍、RapidMask 和图层蒙板模块, 因此它标志着新的 TKActions V6 面板的开始。

TKActions V7 是一款PS亮度蒙版插件工具,可以在PS中根据图片亮度的不同,对不同的区域进行单独的调节。可在亮度蒙版的基础上扩展了更多的实用功能,有助于使用者优化后期流程并显著提高后期效果。

The TK7 panel is the newest release of the comprehensive panel for making luminosity masks and running Photoshop. It includes all the features of the previous V6 panel plus many new ones. Like its predecessor, the TK7 panel is modular, so users can configure it in whatever manner works best in their workspace. The Combo module even has two different arrangements to allow a new compact layout if that’s desired. (Sean Bagshaw has a video at the bottom of this page that shows how to do this.) TK panels are used worldwide and come pre-programmed with six common languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Chinese. Users can choose the language they prefer.


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