Digital Film Tools: Rays v2.0v8 CE一键安装版|Ae/Pr/PS/达芬奇/OFX版射线体积光插件

Digital Film Tools: Rays v2.0v8 CE一键安装版|Ae/Pr/PS/达芬奇/OFX版射线体积光插件


Rays 是由 Digital Film Tools 公司出品的一款射线体积光插件,






Create stunning and realistic light ray effects quickly and easily. Known as volumetric lighting in computer graphics or crepuscular rays in atmospheric optics, this dramatic effect adds polish and style. Since the rays are only added to highlight areas, they have the effect of passing through objects and add a third dimensional quality. Add shafts of light streaming through clouds, rays filtering through a forest canopy, beams of light on a foggy night or rays shooting out from text. Rays adds a striking and dramatic quality to any image.

Rays Features:
Set the ray length and brightness
Control ray direction with an on-screen control
Customize the color of the rays using a color picker
Threshold control to specify where the rays will be visible
Add your own light source to generate rays
Randomize the rays
Add texture inside the rays for a more natural and organic look
Modify settings with sliders
Sophisticated but easy to use masking tools
Layering system for multiple film stock application
Modify settings with sliders


– Photoshop CS5 and up (64 Bit Only)(兼容 CC 2015.5)

– Photoshop Elements 13 and up (Non-app store version)

– Photoshop Lightroom 3 and up

– After Effects CS5 and up(兼容 CC 2015.3)

– Premiere Pro CS5 and up(兼容 CC 2015.3)

– Avid Editing Systems (64 Bit only)

– Assimilate Scratch v8 and up

– Black Magic Resolve v11 and up

– Sony Vegas v13 and up

– The Foundry’s Nuke v8 and up