Lemkesoft Xe8472 v2.0.1 32/64位|Photoshop色彩校正插件


Lemkesoft Xe8472 是一款简单而强大的视觉色彩校正插件,一种非常复杂的非线性专业技术。这种技术可以减少来自环境光,糟糕的相机白平衡,色彩偏差,错误的对比度、亮度、gamma值和渐变曲线等非线性方式产生的颜色脱落,用于整体或有选择地进行照片颜色修正,并使蓝天、树 叶、皮肤的色调看起来更加自然。Xe847模拟了人类视觉系统的所谓“色觉恒常性”原理。 你可以手动地调整Xe847算法的若干参数,尽管那些参数缺少更多的控制,但是这个插件不 是为创建照片而准备的,而是通过手动调整图像这一方式来得到你所期望的结果,通过对全局色彩或有选择性的局部色彩的矫正,最终使得蓝天、落叶或是人的肌肤等等看起来更为自然。


用于整体或有选择地进行照片颜色修正,并使蓝天、树 叶、皮肤的色调看起来更加自然。



但是这个插件不 是为创建照片而准备的,而是通过手动调整图像这一方式来得到你所期望的结果。





Xe8472 is a first-of-its-kind technology that simulates the human visual system. Xe847 simulates the so called color-constancy of the human visual system: up to a certain degree, the human eye perceives the color of objects as constant even if the ambient light or the illuminant changes. Whether illuminated by direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting, human skin always looks natural. Xe847 was developed on the basis of physiological processes in the visual cortex of the brain as well as some higher psychological effects.

The Human Visual System
The visual perception of humans is a highly complex process. What we ’see‘ is not a representation of technical optical data, it’s an interpretation of this data by the human brain.
Any kind of optical illusions exploit this.
Direct warm sunlight. The human skin and all objects also reflect the ambient light from the blue sky. The camera sees and records this. Even the latest generation of professional Cameras.
The human brain however will compensate for this. What we (humans) actually experience is the same skin color that we would under varying lighting conditions. (within some limits)
Xe8472 simulates these physiological and psychological processes inside the human brain.

Color Constancy
Xe8472 deals with a topic called „Color Constancy“ which both NASA and MIT researched for decades with no practical outcome to date. NASA Langley Research Center’s comments on the topic:
„The goal is to make the recorded image look like what you would have seen if you had been observing the scene in person. This means full visual realism analogous to the „concert hall“ sound of audio fidelity.“
Color Constancy is something completely different than „automatic color correction“ or „white balance“.

Technology in general is supposed to be smart. In this case, smart enough to acknowledge when the original data should not be altered.
It is no challenge to invent algorithms that correct color shifts, the real challenge is to know if there is a visible color shift at all and to simulate how the human eye-brain would actually perceive it.
And this is precisely what Xe8472 does.

Moving Pictures
The way bigger challenge than applying such an autonomous algorithm to a single image without getting into problems is to apply the algorithm to moving pictures.
The algorithm was first introduced as Xe847 in 2002 for Photos.
It took more than a decade of R&D to get it right for professional Film.
Therefore it is now called Xe847-2

From old FAQ
Q: Looks like one of those fix-0-matic or one-click-enhancements?
A: Xe847 is NOT a one-click-enhancement for bad pictures.
It was specially designed to be used with unchanged image-data coming from a digital-camera or video-camera, not too much under- or overexposed. Look at it as if it was built into the camera in addition to the automatic exposure control. It will not remove extreme artificial colorshifts like that coming from old faded photos, or completely colored ambient light. It will not correct for extremely under or overerexposed Photos. It does what the human eye/brain does too. It filters a photo in such a way that it looks like you remember it.


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