Digital Film Tools 2015套装合集(Win64)|AE/PR/PS/达芬奇/AVID/NUKE/VEGAS/OFX插件

Digital Film Tools 2015套装合集(Win64)|AE/PR/PS/达芬奇/AVID/NUKE/VEGAS/OFX插件


AE插件合集 Digital Film Tools AE CS5-CC2014 Win64

Digital filmtools is a very unique plug-in package from digital film tools,

Digital Filmtools是一套非常独特的出自于数字胶片工具的插件包,

It not only excellently imitates the popular camera filters, professional lenses, optical test process, film particles, color correction and other effects,


It also imitates natural light and photographic effects, all of which can be processed in 8 or 16 bit channels.


This set of plug-ins includes more than 30 special effects, such as smoke, defocus, diffusion, two tone, blur, infrared filter, mist and so on,


The plug-ins are of the latest version and support many later software under the win platform,

插件均为最版本,支持 Win平台下众多后期软件,

All plug-ins are one click installation version, integrated registration, and can be used after installation.



插件支持Win 64系统下:

Adobe After Effects CS5 – CC 2014

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5- CC 2014

Adobe Photoshop  (64 Bit)

Avid Editing Systems (64 Bit versions only)

Assimilate Scratch v8 and up

Black Magic Resolve v11 and up  达芬奇调色软件

The Foundry’s Nuke v8 and up

Sony Vegas v13 and up




zMatte v4.0v3 CE (Win64)     遮罩滤镜插件

Power Matte v2.0.1.4 CE for After Effects    智能抠像插件

Composite Suite Pro v2.0v3 CE    复合插件合集

Tiffen Dfx 4.0v5 CE Bundles   数字光学插件

Film Stocks v2.0v3 CE Photo/Video Plug-in (Win64)  胶片模拟调色插件

Power Stroke AE v1.0.7.3 CE for After Effects (Win64)  描边插件

PhotoCopy v2.0v2 CE Photo/Video Plug-in (Win64)   风格影印滤镜插件

Rays v2.0v3 CE Photo/Video Plug-in (Win64)   放射光线插件

reFine v2.0v3 CE Photo/Video Plug-in (Win64)      美化插件