Digital Tutors-Integrating Titles and Graphics into Footage in After Effects|AE实景跟踪合成3D文字教程

Integrating Titles and Graphics into Footage

Integrating Titles and Graphics into Footage教程介绍


在这期教程中,我们将利用 AE 的3D跟踪技术 ,

用3D camera tracker 插件去完成实景画面的三维跟踪。




In this series of tutorials, we’ll talk about some different ways to integrate titles and graphics into moving footage. We will start with a problematic shot containing a large body of water that is hard to track. We’ll use the 3D camera tracker built into After Effects to give us tracking information.

Next we’ll figure out what we can do to anchor the 2D text without using the water in our shot and how to make our text look like it belongs there. Next we’ll utilize the ability to extrude text with the Ray-traced renderer to create a more 3D looking title with lights and shadows for our city scene. And finally we’ll create an animated graphic that we’ll integrate into a nature scene and learn how to overcome time-mapped footage when using the camera tracker.

By the end of this training, you will have an understanding of how the 3D camera tracker works, how to get around some of the limitations of using the Ray-traced 3D renderer and a few ways that can help your titles and graphics look more integrated in your own projects.


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