Trapcode Mir插件制作真实三维山脉|AE教程

Trapcode Mir

Trapcode Mir教程介绍

Trapcode Mir 这款插件其实是很强大的三维模拟插件,可能是因为关于他的教程太少,可能大家对他不是太熟悉,

本期教程就利用 Trapcode Mir 这款插件制作模拟出真实的三维山脉,效果还不错。


Low Poly Mountains With Trapcode Mir – lookae

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at how to create a low poly mountain landscape in Trapcode Mir, based on the “Creating Titles Using TypeMonkey” tutorial. We’ll cover a lot of Mir’s features, so this will be a great getting started tutorial for the plugin.


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