Lynda Getting Started with Motion Graphics | AE/C4D教程:MG运动图形动画案例介绍教程

Getting Started with Motion Graphics

Getting Started教程介绍

Lynda 机构出品的一套AE/C4D教程:MG运动图形动画案例介绍教程

属于 MG 动画的简单介绍教程,




Learn what it takes to start telling stories and communicating with motion graphics. Rob Garrott, content manager for motion graphics and VFX, helps new mograph artists understand the training they need to get started and how to find it at He explores the software, tools, and techniques you’ll need to start designing in 2D and 3D, and some hands-on projects that will help you understand how the pros create the effects in your favorite movies, TV shows, and commercials. Along the way, Rob points you toward courses to help develop your skills in specific areas. Start watching to jump-start your creative journey.

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