Adobe SpeedGrade 是一款专业独立的调色软件,可色彩校正这二级调色,

在这期教程中 Chad Troftgruben 将和你一起学习SG软件的操作和应用



Adobe SpeedGrade provides editors with professional-level color correction and grading tools. In this course, Chad Troftgruben guides you through the skills need to use the powerful color correction application. The course starts off with a tour of the interface, then shows how to import footage and start making color corrections using a variety of techniques. Chad will show you how you can successfully apply masking for creating that perfect look.


1. Introduction
2. Navigating the Workspace
3. Working with Clips
4. Getting Started with Color Correction
5. Color Correcting with Layers
6. Color Correcting with Masks
7. Finishing Your Work

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