Lynda-Final Cut Pro X 10.2 Essential Training FCPX 10.2 全面训练教程

Final Cut Pro X 10.1.1 Essential Training

Final Cut Pro X教程介绍

前不久  Final Cut Pro X 推出了最新版本  Final Cut Pro X 10.2,更新了很多功能,

这套教程将利用  Final Cut Pro X 10.2软件讲解FCPX的心功能和一些改进,





Topics include: 教程知识点

Touring the interface  接口

Ingesting and organizing assets  素材的组织

Navigating and marking footage   标记片段

Performing basic edits 基本的编辑

Moving and removing clips  移动和删除剪辑

Trimming in the timeline  时间线剪辑(精剪)

Working with connected clips and secondary storylines  组织片段

Editing audio 编辑音频

Multicam editing   多机位编辑

Working with effects  特效

Correcting color    色彩校正

Managing libraries and projects   项目整理和管理

Sharing and exporting projects  共享输出项目

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