Lynda-HitFilm 3 Pro Essential Training|HitFilm特效合成软件训练教程

HitFilm 3 Pro Essential Training

HitFilm 3 Pro教程介绍

FXhome公司发布的一款独立专业剪辑/合成软件 Hitfilm 3 Pro,支持 Mac/Win系统,


Hitfilm 3 Pro 是一套拥有专业电影流程化的后期软件,提供专业级的剪辑和后期合成功能,


当然Hitfilm不但有独立的软件版本,还有众多的插件版本,HitFilm Plugins 插件支持After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCPX 和 Vegas Pro软件


Lynda HitFilm 3 Pro Essential Training
HitFilm Pro is an exciting video-effects program. It combines an intuitive compositing interface with a full-featured editing timeline and a huge library of presets and overlays that will have you creating professional-style CGI effects with a few simple clicks. In this course Steve Grisetti shares the three ways HitFilm 3 Pro can be used: as a video editor, as a tool for adding 2D video effects to your movie, and as a compositing tool for creating amazing 3D and planar-tracking effects. Along the way, you’ll look at how to draw from the program’s exciting library of preset effects (including motion tracking and particle simulation), as well as how to build effects and animations from scratch. You’ll use HitFilm to add muzzle blasts, rocket fire, phaser beams, and other explosive action effects to your movies. Steve also shows how to work with 3D models and incorporate them into videos—including simulating real-world depth and perspective with the free mocha HitFilm plugin.



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